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Destrict Schlutup

Travelling Waves

Location: Schlutuper Marktplatz

Topic: Nautic
Theory Reference: Optic

wellenlauf-webThe sculpture in the Schlutup Market, designed by Winni Schaak, is an object of art that invites everyone to participate: The Wellenlauf symbolises the ocean, but at the same time acts as a compass needle, rotating 360 degrees on a compass rose. Water and technology, and the correlation between sea travel and nautical science, are given an artistic expression in this interactive sculpture.



Location of the partner exhibit in the old town: House of Science – Breite Straße 6-8

Topic: Nautic
Theory Reference: Optic

fernglasIf you want to observe an object from close quarters, but can't get close to it, you have to use other means, e.g. binoculars. If the object to be observed seems infinitely far away, the beams emanating from the object must be considered as parallel. Two lenses arranged at precise angles ensure that the object to be observed appears significantly larger. The Civil Engineering department at Lübeck University of Applied Sciences demonstrates that such optical procedures are useful not only for sailors, but also for real estate survey. 

Fotos Thorsten Wulff © 2012 Wissenschaftsmanagement



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