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District St. Gertrud

Location: Meesenring (Plaza)

Camara Obscura

camera-obscura-webIf light falls through a small hole in an otherwise light-proof, hollow object, then an upside down inverted image is  produced in it. As a result of this effect, a projection of the external space is created in the hollow object. The projection of the camera obscura (Latin: camera "chamber", obscura "dark") is extremely faint and can only be observed in adequate
levels of darkness.


Location of the partner exhibit in the old town: Große Burgstraße, near Burgtor



If a beam of light falls on the boundary of a medium, it will be either completely or partially re‑ected, depending upon the medium. In a kaleidoscope, the re‑ection of light is effected by three or four mirrors. If small colourful pieces of glass are introduced in front of the mirror, these are visible in addition to several of their mirror images. Consequently, regular patterns can be seen. This basic phenomenon from the ­eld of geometrical optics is ideal for achieving different colour effects. Students can learn more about this phenomenon in the "Physical Technology" course at Lübeck University of Applied Sciences.

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