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District St. Lorenz Nord


Location: Bewegungstreffpunkt Humboldtwiese (near Dornbreite 130)

Topic: Fitness
Theory Health: Health

partnerstepper-webThe principle, upon which sports equipment like the stepper is based, is known to us from the partner exhibit, Möbius strip. In the field of mechanical engineering, it is often used as a drive belt because it guarantees uniform wear. Thus, the Möbius strip, which represents this drive technology, is a two-dimensional surface with only one side. The strip, which implements the uniform drive technology of the stepper, is basically a twisted figure of eight. The phenomena of physical drive and sport activity are combined here.


Möbius Strip

Location of the partner exhibit in the old town: Museum for Nature and Environment – Mühlendamm

Topic: Fitness
Theory Health: Health

moebiusbandThe Möbius strip has only one continuous edge and thus, only one complete surface, i.e. there is no inner side and outer side, as is the case with simple strips. Thus, it forms one endless loop. In this arrangement, the strip assumes the lowest-energy state, which plays a role in physics as well as chemistry. This principle is also being used in the field of electrical engineering for building electric resistors with low inductance. A simple mechanical application of this strip is found in drive belts, which undergo uniform wear and tear because of the design of the strip. This is a topic dealt with in the Department of Applied Natural Sciences at Lübeck University of Applied Sciences.

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