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Sound Tube

Location: Karavellenstraße 8, "Neuer Spielplatz" (Baltic School)

Topic: Music
Theory Reference: Acoustics

schallrohr-webIn physics, a sound tube is used for measuring the duration of an echo, for example. A ten metre long plastic tube is fitted with a microphone at both the ends. If you burst a small balloon at one end, the sound will travel back and forth several times. Up to 17 echoes can be detected in one second. The speed of sound can therefore be calculated as 17 x 20 m/s = 340 m/s.



Location of the partner exhibit in the old town:: The Lübeck University of Music – An der Obertrave

Topic: Music
Theory Reference: Acoustics

phonographThe invention of different sound recording techniques allows the conservation of selected sound events and their repetition as often as desired. The needle tone technique, which is used in phonographs or in the advanced record players, records the sound sequence through corresponding deviations of a spiral groove. A stylus reproduces the mechanical movement of the needle as sound or tone. Today, concerts in the conservatory are recorded on CDs and DVDs using high-quality recording techniques. Experts are also trained at the Academy for Hearing Aid Acoustics.

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