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Measures and Projects

Measures are to be developed from above objectives and perspectives and transformed into suitable projects. Various partnerships are to be established and additional funding to be raised from the EU. All measures are based on the categories “quality of life”, “potential of skilled people” and “innovative ability”.

•    Further development of “districts’ concept and science path”
•    Development of a meeting place “Humboldtwiese” for young and old
•    Continuation of the “Civic academy”
•    Establishment of the “ZukunftsWerkStadt” as an instrument for civic participation with an environmental theme
•    Founding the Center of Smart City Research at the University of Luebeck as a platform for useful partnerships
•    Imparting of science in co-operation with partner institutions such as:
•    “Night of Laboratories”
•    “Day of Science” with the theme: “Town of the future”
•    “MiniMasterLuebeck”: lecture course for children from 8 to 12
•    FabLab - Fabrication laboratory for everybody, who is interested
•    Techno-Blog
•    “SchülerForschungsGemeinschaft” (Pupils’ Research Community): Theme in 2015 “Brain, behaviour and hormones”
•    “Science in demand”: Theme “Health and Sports Medizine”
•    “Science Tube”: Developing a concept for a new form of video communication
•    “Current Science”: Events in cooperation with the Museum of Nature and Environment
•    Maritime Economy and Marine Science: “Alexander von Humboldt II” - Partnership of “Luebeck - City of Science” and the project “Ships as a place for knowledge” also with additional ships
•    Conception of a “Studicum Luebeck”: Promotion Network for young natural science talents – from kindergarten to freshmen – Evaluation and branding (model region Luebeck) with different partners in order to create an extracurricular learning centre.

In addition, the Science Management can offer their expertise and competence in networking for different projects and fields regarding science communication, especially involving the general public – all in a non-profit context.

Science Path MiniMaster-Luebeck

Night of Laboratories Alexander von Humboldt II