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The Science Management

The Hanseatic City of Luebeck confirmed itself as a location for science by winning the title “City of Science” and ran a wide range of events and projects during the ”Year of Science” in 2012. All activities and investments (time and money) were targeted at added value and growth in the key area of knowledge and science.

This strategy was successfully started in 2007.

Following this process, the activities of the Science Management Luebeck, established in 2009, made it possible to found a “House of Science” in December 2014. This is a central access point for universities, in the heart of Luebeck. The “House of Science” will be developed together with all parties, as a meeting point and a place for communication and small events. Primarily it is intended as a focal point to establish a concept concerning common ways of working in projects and initiatives based on widening participation and a unique network. In addition, the “House of Science” will be an important contribution to the profile of the Hanseatic City of Luebeck as a “City of Science”. The strong disciplines of Luebeck’s universities in medicine, medical technology and biotechnology support the development of local companies.

The key objectives of Luebeck’s Science Management are

-    communicating science and its value for society
-    promoting city development in relation to science and knowledge
-    networking in science affairs and managing projects.

They are reflected through the key “House of Science” personnel:
Science Manager Dr. Iris Klaßen with overall responsibility for the science management and the “House of Science” working with Susanne Kasimir as the government representative for science in the Hanseatic City of Luebeck and a small support team.

Interlinking science and society – this process is still in progress. The primary focus is to encourage interaction between key players and decision makers.
In the Hanseatic City of Luebeck, as “The Queen of Hanse”, future-oriented business areas will be developed with science: “The new Hanse is trading with knowledge”. The importance of managing knowledge is demonstrated in three dimensions.

(1)    Generating Added Value:
“Trading with Science” means economic activity and discovery of new business areas. It is a matter of financial added value and growth for city and region.
The life science campus BioMedTec Luebeck supports the development of high level jobs and the education and training of urgently needed personnel. This has had a positive effect on the fiscal situation of Luebeck. Investments in education, science and research are the basis for an innovative and growing economy.

(2)    Giving orientation:
“Trading with Science” helps people understand the global world. Knowledge alleviates fear and integrates.
The Science Management Luebeck imparts science as an elementary part of urban development to the public at large. One focus is the support of young talent.

(3)    Using civic participation:
“Trading with Science” means that all citizens are members of our knowledge-based society. Citizens are the “human resources” of our city. Everybody is included.

The key focus is to create civic participation as an all-encompassing task in city structure development. It is important to value the citizens` knowledge and to use this for research and innovation. This is why the science path and the districts` concept were designed in the “Year of Science” in 2012. This was the starting point of widening participation. Cities which embrace science do not fear the future.

This “3rd-perspective” is social profit.

House of Science Lubeck